Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an appointment before coming to the clinic?
No, but as we get busier it may help shorten your waiting time if you have a scheduled appointment.

Besides the clinic, what other services do you offer?
We have many services including Women’s Health, Dermatology, Emergency Services, Lab, Radiology, Physical Therapy…just to name a few.  Please call and visit with any of our receptionists or leaders for a full list.  We offer many, many services to meet our community’s needs.

Who do I call when I question about my bill?
Please call (308)772-3283 and ask for the Business Office and they will be able to assist you.

What are hospital visitation hours?
7am – 10pm

We live in a small community…how can I be assured my health concerns will be kept confidential?
We are all driven to offer you the privacy you deserve and expect.  This is a focus area for us to continue to monitor and assure confidentiality/privacy are honored and respected.  Information about your health will only be shared on a medical “need to know” basis internally or with referrals to other providers.  You will always be made aware when your Protected Health Information (PHI) is being shared.

How do I contact the CEO?
You can reach him by calling his Direct Line at (308)772-1039, or by emailing him at