Swing Bed

Swing Bed care at Regional West Garden County offers patients the benefits of the quality care at their home community, where family and friends can easily visit while the patient prepares to return home

What are Swing Bed Services Swing Bed is a special Medicare program designed to help a person recover from surgery or illness close to their home. Swing Bed care allows patients to transition from acute care to skilled rehabilitation at Regional West Garden County. This ensures continuity of care for patients needing nursing care by allowing them to stay in a local, familiar environment with the same doctors, nurses and therapists they already know and trust.

If an emergency arises during rehabilitation, patients can return to acute care and can usually remain in the same room. Our Swing Bed care provides the same services as skilled nursing units at other healthcare facilities.

What is the difference between acute care and Swing Bed?

Acute care is designed to treat illness or injury. Swing Bed care is designed to help patients recover and prepare for their return home.

Who needs Swing Bed services?

Patients needing rehabilitative physical therapy services following an orthopedic surgery, Patients needing IV therapy, Patients needing care of wounds which require daily evaluation and treatment by skilled personnel, Patients with stroke (CVA) requiring rehabilitative therapy, and Patients needing therapy for debilitation/weakness

What services are provided to Swing Bed patients?

Swing Bed patients receive nursing care daily. Therapy care is received daily and over the weekends as needed. The care plan includes treatment to restore the ability to perform activities of daily living such as walking, climbing stairs, dressing and bathing. Our staff also works with patients to provide activities that they would normally do at home.

Who is on the Swing Bed team? Regional West Garden County staff members will meet with patients and their families to discuss the plan of care and rehab goals. Team members include: The patient and his or her family Doctor Nurses Social Services Dietician Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

Who qualifies for Swing Bed services? Acute care patients who have stayed at least three days at Regional West Garden County or another hospital and need additional monitoring and rehabilitation therapy.

Is Swing Bed care covered by insurance?

Swing Bed care is often covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurance plans.

Swing Bed patients receive care from the same nurses, doctors and therapists who cared for them in their community. This ensures continuity of care for our patients by someone that you know.